Howdy, I’m John.
Nice to meet you.

For the past several years, I’ve been thinking about and building software that helps people accomplish extraordinary things, whether that’s connecting with the people around them or delivering the future of service.

The web, widespread connectivity, mobile hardware, and cloud computing mean that we can build new ways to navigate, quantify, and explore the world around us. These technologies will transform the way that we live and work, and will do so either for better or for worse.

I want to make sure that everyone can realize the benefit of new technology and that what we build puts people at the center.

Currently, I’m a Director of Product at Managed by Q, where I’ve been working on software that makes the fulfillment side of the platform tick, like the dispatching system, the app used by field operators, and how feedback works.

Before that, I wore a lot of hats at Meetup, first as a designer and engineer on the mobile team and later as a product manager. I also learned quite a lot about startups by co-founding one and going through Y Combinator.

I actually majored in poetry, which—according to the Washington Postis finally paying off.

I share some writing on Medium, and I read and recommend interesting articles on Pocket.

(I’m semi-active on a bunch of other services, too, like Dribbble, Github, and Twitter, if you’re interested.)

I live in New York with a pug and my lovely girlfriend fiancé wife, and enjoy writing, programming, cooking, and reading.